Welcome to Lismore Osteopathy

shutterstock 117292138Lismore Osteopathy opened its doors in January 2012 to serve the people of Lismore and surrounds. The clinic is situated in a convenient position at Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre with easy access and plenty of parking.

Operated by osteopath Dean Pollock, Lismore Osteopathy has access to all health funds, and will soon have the electronic facility Hicaps available so you can process all your health funds at the time of treatment.


Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre
50 Oliver Avenue Goonellabah
New South Wales 2480 Australia

Phone: 0412 265315


I believe osteopathy can benefit every person, not only those with a musculo-skeletal condition. People often ask ‘What is osteopathy?’ and the simple answer is it is a hands on modality aimed at returning the body to its individual normal status. This allows the normal running of all the body’s inherent systems. Indeed it is a little more complicated than that. With a beginning of 5 years of training with a Master’s degree including 2 years of clinical training I have just began to learn the marvels of the human body. As I speak to colleagues with 30 years experience they tell me that they are still learning about the human body. We never stop learning!

The human body is more than a machine, but to run at its optimum it still needs maintenance for want of a better term. This is where I believe osteopathy can benefit everybody. Yes, as most people know, there are the benefits of treatment for acute and chronic conditions with-in the body. BUT most people would benefit from maintenance on their body. Is your body more important than your car? This would more of a PRE-HAB treatment, rather than a RE-HAB treatment. When you start to feel something that is not quite normal, that you know will lead to increased discomfort or pain, this is when it would be optimum for a pre-hab treatment. In the end it can save you time, money and most importantly pain!

shutterstock 112236686How are we different?

As a practitioner I believe everybody is an individual and treat accordingly. I will investigate the area of your body that is in pain, but also look holistically for the root cause of the issue.  I believe that the body needs balance in all systems and aim to achieve this with-in the treatment. I treat all age groups and love the challenge that each new person brings through the door. Whether you are an office worker or a labourer, your treatment will be suited to your individual case.

Osteopathy is great for sports people! Whilst most people associate sporting injuries with physiotherapy, Osteopathy can work wonders for sporting injuries. As osteopathy relies totally on a hands on approach the osteopath can examine and treat all issues arising from the injury, including compensations not just the injured area for a speedy recovery.